Tuesday, August 26, 2008


A father was showing his son the stained glass windows in a nearby church. The father pointed out some of the brightly illuminated figures that were pieced together in the glass.  "Who's that?" the boy asked.  "That's Saint Peter," the father replied. Pointing to another, the boy asked, "Who is that?" "That's Saint John." "And that one?" "That's Saint Mark." Then the boy made a profound observation: "I guess a saint is somebody that light shines through."

Perhaps you've been blessed enough to know someone through whom the light shines. It may be a teacher who treated you with special kindness. It may be a kind neighbor, it may be your faithful spouse, or it may be an individual at work who always manages to see the bright side of situations.

The Bible speaks about many such individuals, people through whom the Light shines. Most of all, the Bible speaks about the One who is the Light of the world - Jesus Christ. Without Him, the world is dark, but with Jesus there is hope, joy, peace, forgiveness, escape from guilt and a whole host of other good and lasting things. Best of all, with Jesus there is a life to come that promises the best of everything.

Give thanks for the Light, and then be one of those through whom that Light shines. After all, it was He who said, "Let your light so shine that people will see your good works and glorify your Father who is in heaven."  (Matthew 5:16) By the way, so far your response to "Pastors Hope Fund" has been nearly $2,000 - praise the Lord!

Keep letting the Light shine through!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


It's really easy to see a need and it's even easier to hear of one. In today's world of rapid communication, we are inundated with requests to help this or that person or need. The important things, however, are that we do respond with help if we can, and that we make the right choices.

I have a pastor friend who could use some assistance, due to his age and his being removed from his congregation. He acted according to God's Word, and stepped on the wrong feet, and now has no place to go, for he has always lived in a parsonage. He, of course, is not without some fault in this, but the important thing is that he has no place to live and needs some help.

I have set up a fund through a local church's charity account. If you'd like to assist my pastor friend, age 63, who is praying and actively seeking another pastoral position, you can send your tax deductible gifts to: "Pastor's Hope Fund", 2353 Meadows Ln., Castle Rock, CO 80104. Gifts received will be placed into the Charity Fund and the church will then issue him a check when gifts are in.

It's been said that "People give to people," and "People give then they're asked." This is a legitimate request on behalf of a faithful pastor who has a major need. If you'd like to assist, I'd appreciate it.

Thanks and many blessings to you!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


"The Lord Provides!" How many times have we heard that saying, and how many times have we experienced it? Consider...

+++A young man is buying a gift for his girlfriend. He discovers he is 85 cents short, so he removes the backseat of his car, hoping to find some coins. How much does he find? 85 cents!  "The Lord Provides!"

+++A newly married couple overspends their first credit card by $500. A week later they discover an elderly aunt had given them a C.D. for graduation months before. The amount of her gift? $500!

+++ A young couple finds their washing machine needs replacing. They purchase one on sale for $500. A few days later they change their auto and home insurance policies for a total savings of -- $500!  "The Lord Provides!"

+++ A mature couple makes a pledge to their church's building Fund for $5000 more than they had planned. A few days later their college son calls with the news he's received an unexpected grant. The amount? $5000!

+++After three fruitless months with a rental agency, a man Emails his friends about his son's rental house. Result? In one week the house is rented!  "The Lord Provides!"

I'm sure if we think about it, we all have our story of how "The Lord Provides." The disciples asked Jesus, "How can we feed all these people with so little food?" "Sit them down and I'll show you!" Jesus said, and fed 5000 with a boy's lunch (Matthew 14).  Truly, the Lord provides in amazing ways, and usually through His people.

Next week I am going to ask you to be part of the Lord's providence for a pastor friend of mine who was terminated because he applied the Word of God to some long-standing immorality in his church and stepped on some toes. Illness had depleted his savings, and he owns no home (always lived in parsonages), so he needs help. I truly believe he will get another chance in ministry, but right now he needs people to show him "The Lord Provides."

And I know He will provide, because those examples above are all from my life. I, more than most, know the truth in the saying, "The Lord Provides." I pray we can help bring that kind of hope to my pastor friend.

Next week I will give you details how. 

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Two land surveyors went to study the mountains of North Wales. They stayed two weeks with a shepherd who fed them and gave them a good place to sleep. During the day the surveyors climbed the slopes, checked landmarks and followed mountain streams to their sources. Each night they returned to the warm and snug shepherd's cottage.

One night, the old shepherd suggested he accompany them the next day.  "There's no need for that," answered the men. "We won't get lost. We have compasses, charts and maps." "Just the same, I'd better come with you," insisted the old man.  "No, no -- don't trouble yourself!" they confidently replied. 

"But I know well the mountain trails. I know where the steep gullies are, and where the bogs run deep," the old man said.  "But it's all on the maps," they answered.  "Why would we need anything further?" The old man paused and then said, "Because the fog is coming in tomorrow, and the fog is not on the map."

Jesus, our Good Shepherd, knows the trails of our life, and He also knows the fog. He can guide us through any trial or danger we will face in life. Although He gives us the Bible, He still wishes to walk beside us. He knows that fog will come into our lives, and when it does, we will need Him beside us. 

For a safer journey, always let Jesus accompany you.